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The Future of Mobile Development

Until now apps for wearable devices were mostly focused on fitness and health care industry. But, with the onset of 2015 Wearable devices are expected to be used by companies to improve their …

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Creating User Experience for Music Fans

The digital music industry is booming. Online music services are engaged in heated competition to amass more users, content, and revenues. Unfortunately, amid the excitement, a key business driver has been overlooked: User experience. …

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Designing For Mobile Experiences

A positive first impression is essential to relationships. People look for trust and integrity, and they expect subsequent encounters to reflect and reinforce their first impression. The same principles apply …

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Making An Impact With Your Brand

When most companies start thinking about changing or updating their brand, the focus automatically goes to the marketing aspect of the brand. This post talks about changing the image of the …

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The Future of Advertising

Reflect on the last 12 months of your life. Does it feel like time passed by much faster than in reality? And there is always more to do, right? Information …

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What is Programmatic Advertising?

What is Programmatic Advertising and how can it help your business? This video was put together by Acuity, which is one of the several programmatic platforms  we utilize here at Cre8ive. …

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Fik-Shun is Truly a Cre8ive Dancer

Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall puts an amazing performance at the 2014 World of Dance event in California. Du-Shaunt is season 10 male winner of “So You Think You Can Dance” More …

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Amazing Hydrophobic Shirt

Human beings! Clothes-wearers! Folks who maybe drank some milk right out of the jug one time and spilled it all over themselves but okay it was Saturday night and no …

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Creative And Clever Ad Campaigns

Here is a series of some very Cre8ive and Clever Ad Campaigns Nike Ball Pepperidge Farm Soft Bread: Pole vault mat Nike Football Wrigley’s Orbit Ice Mints: Fresh Breath FedEx Kinko …

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122 Must See Guerilla Marketing Examples

Nikon Guerilla Marketing Campaign Swiss Skydive Guerilla Marketing Campaign Fitness First Guerilla Marketing Campaign Sharpie Guerilla Marketing Campaign Wii Guerilla Marketing Campaign Discovery Channel Guerilla Marketing Campaign Peugeot 308 Guerilla Marketing Campaign Stop Global Warming Guerilla Marketing …

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Dream of Success by Nate Siam

Life…. Life is but a Dream.. A Dream that we all cre8 in our minds each and everyday A Dream that’s developed by the thoughts and habits curated during the …

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Music to Inspire Cre8ivity!

At Cre8ive Business we love music, and we love using music as a tool to aid in our Cre8ive Process. This is just one of many that I personally listen …

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